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This section of our site is where people go to exchange investment ideas, and, BTW, it is separate from the Newsletter. It is a place where investors can ask others about various stocks and maybe get feedback about their holdings, good or bad. Most importantly, it is a great place to go and get investment ideas, keeping in mind that not all ideas will fit your mindset. There may even be instances of reading about a stock you own and the news may encourage you to buy more, or the news may be so bad, you dump your stock in an eye blink.

We of course encourage you to do your homework before acting on something you read about in the Forum, which is FREE FOR BROWSING and FREE TO POST. You may post every 2 minutes and each post can have a maximum of 500 character.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: As we said, the Forum is no way connected to the Newsletter. A subscription to one is not a subscription to both. These are two separate entities. Should you subscribe to both, posts about Newsletter picks is a huge no-no.

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